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Ph.D. Program

 National Chiao-Tung University College of Management Department of Management Science Policies and Procedures of Ph.D. Program for International Students

Approved by the Department on October 22, 2003
Revised by the Department on June 2, 2004
Revised by the Department on October 6, 2004
Revised by the Department on December 8, 2004
Revised by the Department on April 10, 2011
Revised by the Department on April 23, 2012
1. Requirement of Study Period
     Doctoral students of the Department of Management Science (DMS, hereafter the Department) are required to complete the degree within two to seven years.

2. Academic Requirements
     To be eligible for graduation, a doctoral student must successfully complete 36 credits of coursework and fulfill the following requirements:
(1) All doctoral students must take Ph.D. Seminar courses for two semesters,for a total of two credits.

(2)  Students should complete
     (a) four pre-requisite courses, including Economics, Accounting, Statistics, and Management; 
     (b) at least six courses (from different sectors) from the following nine research sectors: Organizational Theories/Behavior, Strategic Management, Marketing Management, Financial Management, Operations Management, Human Resources Management, Information Management, Technology Management, and Decision Science. These courses should be successfully completed before taking the degree examination. If students had completed any of the above courses before entering the program, they may apply to waive the courses but no credits will be counted towards graduation.

(3) Upon approval by the Department, a student may take the equivalent courses in the IMBA program instead of the courses offered by the Department.

(4) Students should pass the Ph.D. Qualifying Examination which consists of two parts. In the first part, students must pass two subject tests on methodology and its related subject within the first two years of their study (including leave of absence) or be dismissed from the school. In the second part, students must choose and be tested on one of the nine research sectors mentioned in point 2. Doctoral students must pass their qualifying examination within the first three years of the study (including leave of absence) or be dismissed from NCTU.

(5) Students should complete their Ph.D. Dissertations and pass the degree examination.

3. Dissertation Advisor and Research Area
(1) Only a DMS full-time faculty with assistant professorship or above can serve as a dissertation advisor. If a student is co-advised, one of the co-advisors must have full-time assistant professorship or above in the Department and the appointment of advisors should be approved by the Ph.D. Program Committee of the Department.

(2) Doctoral students may choose their dissertation advisor and apply for approval after passing the first part of the qualifying examination.

(3) If you fail to turn in your thesis advisor application form in time, the departmental office will inform you.

(4) The number of Ph.D. students supervised by the same advisor cannot exceed 2 for each class and should not exceed 5 in total; an advisor who had been rewarded with the university’s research award to the wage can advise 7 Ph.D. students at most at the same time.

4.Doctoral students should fulfill the following requirements before applying for the Ph.D. degree examination:
(1) Publish their research in well-known journals under the name of the Department and NCTU (one academic paper on SSCI or SCI journals, or two papers on the journals recognized by the Ph.D. Program Committee, with the proof of a reprint or photocopy or acceptance letter of the paper.).

(2) Completed the Ph.D. English training course(s) offered by the Language Teaching and Research Center, NCTU or pass one of the following English proficiency test requirements: score 80 or above in TOEFL-iBT (or the equivalent in other TOEFL tests), attain a high-intermediate (or above) level in the General English Proficiency Test, or score 750 or above in TOEIC

5.Items not stated herein are subject to the Policies and Procedures of Ph.D. Program of the Department of Management, NCTU.

6.These policies and procedures have been approved by the Departmental Affairs Meeting, confirmed by the Curriculum Committees of the College of Management and NCTU, and validated by the Academic Affairs Meeting of the university. The same procedure will be applied for future revisions.