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Master Program

Department of Management Science,National Chiao Tung University
Agreed on 2nd MS Dept. Meeting 2003/10/22
Agreed on MS Dept. Meeting 2004/10/6

1. Period of Study
     Time required completing the degree ranging form 1 to 4 years for regular students; 1 to 5 years for on job students.

2. Requirement for graduation
     Master Students enrolled in Dept. of Management Science have to take at least 30 credits (Prerequisite courses are not included) and fulfill the following requirements.

3.Thesis advisor and Research Area
(1) Take required courses “Seminar on journal paper” and “Seminar on management theory and practice“ for two semesters. Take two semesters required course “Individual research” after advisor has been decided.
(2) Prerequisite 5 courses including: Economics, Accounting, Statistics, Management, and Fundamentals of Computer, are not counted in the graduation credits. You can apply for waiving them if you have passed before.
(3) Students should take 6 required courses: Operations Management, Financial Management, Marketing management, Strategic Management , Research Methods, and Information Management; and must choose one from the following three courses: Organization Theories, Organizational Behavior, and Human Resource Management.
(4) Students can apply for waiving but no more than 12 credits.
(5) You can apply for waiving the courses offered by IMBA program if approved by the Department.
(6) A master’s thesis is required and final defense should be passed.

4.Other rules not included here should be abided by ”Management Science Maser. students regulations”

5.This Graduation requirements has been agreed on the Dept. of Management Science and revised by College of Management and Office of Academic Affairs. Future amendment will need to be reviewed and approved by the above three offices.