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MS Camp

Target: Senior high school students
Location: National Chiao Tung University
Organizer: Department of Management Science , National Chiao Tung University

     Department of Management Science of Chiao Tung University organizes a camp lasting five days. We not only let students have a preliminary of college life, but also prepare a series of business administration related courses for students. Students can learn the managerial knowledge and raise the curiosity and motivation to management. Activities, such as business visits, etiquette courses, ballroom dancing and banquet will be arranged during camp. We expect to stimulate students’ interest and enthusiasm for management. We hope that students can have wonderful and unforgettable memories during these five days, and they can join Department of Management Science in the future.

     Department of Management Science was established in 1971. A department is measured by its ability to breed new knowledge. The ability to breed new knowledge is achieved through academic research. Therefore, Department of Management Science has the mission not only to train the senior managers through teaching activities, but also to create new knowledge through research. Graduate students of the department work in domestic and international institution bringing the new power for domestic and traditional managerial training.