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Business Management Camp

Target:100 academical students across the country 
Organizer: National Department of Business Administration Student Association Federation
Sponsor:National Chiao Tung University, Department of Management Science Society

     Since Internet was invented, it has played an important role in our lives. In recent years, the number of mobile devices, the booming social network and digitization of information bring new commercial revolution to us. As a new generation of enterprise management person, we must be sensitive to change of the markets and fully understand the mode of operation of social media. However, to master emerging opportunities brought up by science and technology innovation is also very important to grasp a variety of new opportunity to create another peak of economic.

     Therefore, we hold this MBACamp for students. We design not only the traditional five-field knowledge, but classes about technology and information, e-commerce, community economic innovation and entrepreneurship etc. Students will have a better understanding about current business environment.

1. Develop students’ foresight and their ability of innovation by professional instructors and courses.
2. Explore promising companies and corporate with them.
3. With competition and business visits, students can learn ways of team work and solve business problems.
4. Companies can find excellent students, and at the same time students can better understand the business of thinking.