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     The Department of Management Science was founded in 1971 under the insistence of the founding Dean, Mr. Tsai, on the quality of education. It was the first department established under the Faculty of Business of the NCTU.

     For the past thirty years, the department only recruited students from scientific backgrounds, which was significantly different from most other business schools. However, ever since 1990, the department started a revolutionary recruitment policy and widened access for students coming from social sciences backgrounds and the first class of these new students graduated in 1994.

     With the current dynamic advances of electronic engineering and computer sciences, the core subjects of the university, past students from the department are highly successful in both business and academia and many have achieved exceptional recognition internationally. Mr. Tsai believed it was important to establish an association of alumni in order to better integrate the department with society.

     A preliminary association was formed in 1997 under the management of the then current Dean, Mr. Shan. Unfortunately, the preliminary association was short-lived and Mr. Tsai’s dreams only came into fruitation when the current association was founded on 2 June 2001. Currently, the association includes approximately 1700 graduates, of which 300 of them are currently pursuing further studies abroad and the number of alumni is progressively increasing at about 100 each year.

     This website will provide the key link for alumni of the department to share their life experiences after graduation. And it is through this communication and sharing that we believe we can make a valuable contribution to society.

     The mission statements of the association are:
1.To accelerate the development of the association.
2.To promote the level of education in Taiwan
3.To connect the network of alumni and to build consensus and cohesion.
4.To encourage academic research.