Chi Chiang
Status Full-Time
Name Chi Chiang
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Operations ManagementSupply Chain ManagementResearch Methodology
Supply Chain ManagementInventory Management
Year Paper Title
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Year Paper Title
2012 Chiang, C., Hsu, H.L., An order fulfillment model with a periodic allocation review mechanism in foundry fabs. , 17th International Symposium on Inventories, Aug. 01, 2012, Budapest, Hungary
2010 Chiang, C., A note on capacitated periodic review production models., Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Information and Management Sciences, 2010, Urumchi, China.
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2009 Chiang, C., Periodic review inventory models with variable periods., Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on information and Management Sciences, 2009, Kunming & Banna, China
Honor Category Year Award Name Awarding Unit
Outside School Honor 2012 • On the Name List of 2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21t Century International Biographical Centre, England
Outside School Honor 2012 Won the Honor of Marguis Who's Who in the world,2012
Outside School Honor 2011 Won the Honor of Great Minds of the 21st Century American Biographical Institute